EDP Cell
The Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Cell was established on 21-12-2001. Now EDP Cell has completed successfully running with lot of credentials. The aims of EDP Cell are to implement an efficient and transparent system, utilizing the state of art, information technology resources for effective information storage, retrieval and transfer. Following activities were planned in these regards

Establishment of EDP Cell
Internet Connectivity
Campus Networking
Web-Site Development
Modular Software Development

EDP Cell

The EDP Cell has been established with cutting edge technology equipments like three high-end servers, twenty nodes, two high speed A3/A4 size laser printers and one 500 lmp line printer fully networked on switch based technology. The internet connectivity (10 Mbps) has been established with BSNL India. Campus networking, Web-Site development and modular software development works are being carried out. In parallel to the high-tech equipments the EDP Cell is well supported by highly skilled manpower.